AIReal Yoga

I've had the privilege of meeting and getting to work with this amazing woman. Meet Carmen Curtis.

Carmen is a former gymnast. She graduated from UCLA and eventually emerged herself into the aerialist world, mastering the art of harness, silk, hammock, lyra/aerial hoop, etc. 

As a mommy, Carmen found herself in need of something gentle yet effective for her "new/post baby" body. 

Her love for physicality and yoga practice inspired her to create AIReal Yoga.

I've been training with her for the past 3 weeks and though her exercises on the hammock are simple in theory, they are incredibly effective! You feel your stabilizing muscles really working hard, which is absolutely fantastic for your body's alignment and overall well-being. The workout is very core oriented, which is a very good thing for anyone and everyone. She's passionate about anatomy, which I absolutely love and respect. I've been experiencing very acute lower back pains and even lower ab injury, and through her knowledge of the human body she was able to help me pin point exactly where the trouble began: tight hip flexors. She's been working with me on opening and loosening that area up (she introduced me to the RAD Rollers), while strengthening my core to alleviate my back and keep it from taking over all the time. I feel stronger, more flexible, and very aware of my body. She has inspired me to really listen to my body, be kind to it.

If there's a studio near you, I strongly encourage you to give AIReal Yoga a try.

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Written by: Ferly Prado