I Don't Want to Forget

"Please help me not forget."

This is my prayer every night before I go on stage.

As some of you may already know, I'm on the Formation World Tour. It really is a blessing sharing the stage with so many talented women: Beyonce, the singers, the band and my sisters- the dancers. It's such a powerful feeling.

However, the hours are long. I always heard that 'Beyoncé dancers are the hardest working dancers in the industry'. I thought it was an exaggeration.

No. It's not!

I have never worked so hard on a job. I consider myself to be an extremely hard worker. I give my all on everything. So when I say this is the hardest job I have ever done, I mean it.

When you're exhausted, ...you forget. You forget a lot of important things. You forget how bad you once wanted to be right where you are. You forget why you do what you do. You forget your purpose. You forget you.

So I pray every night, right before I step on stage, that God helps me remember how hard I prayed at every audition to get to where I am. That He helps me remember that I moved to this country at age 12 to accomplish the things I have. That He helps me remember I get to wake up and live out my passion every day. I want to remember 'to remember'.

There's so much to enjoy, too. There's so much to appreciate. Remember to be present and enjoy the little moments and remember the great times!

"Please help me not forget."

What have you forgotten?