Conqueror or Victim?

Conquerors and Victims: they are everywhere!

It's easy to recognize people go who for it and don't rely on excuses, versus people who blame the whole world for unaccomplished dreams.

We are all inspired by the go-getters and are quick to look down at the victims.

But what about you? Which one are you? And are you sure?

I believe we all have both in us. I believe we have all tasted what it's like to be a conqueror and we have all tasted what it's like to be a victim. I don't think we would truly know victory without knowing failure first. I don't think we would know what it's like to operate in courage if we haven't experienced relying on excuses and fear at least once in our lives. 

The question is which one do we tap into the most.

Grace plays a huge part on encouraging people (and self) to be a Dream Pursuer. Unanswered prayers are just as important as answered ones. Detours can be just as edifying as calculated short cuts. Failures don't all look the same. Same goes for victories. Hence while we learn that, it's important we give ourselves grace. 

Have you ever sat on a bench and people watched? Maybe at a park watching people exercise, or at a bus stop watching people in their cars going from this stoplight to that stoplight, or maybe at the airport watching people go from the security check point to their gate. Not everyone's trajectory is smooth and pleasant. But everyone is moving. Each person is responsible to getting themselves where they need to go.

It's no different with our dreams and goals.

The important thing is to remember there's a journey, there's a road, there's a path. No person can walk it for you BUT YOU. People may give you directions, people may give you encouragement, people may even be willing to push you. But you need to decide to be on the road and you need to really want to be in it. You need to decide: is your dream bigger than your fear? Bigger than your doubt? Bigger than your complacency? 

(Something I hold on to: Bumps don't always mean failures, and easy roads don't always mean success)

I believe God created the concept of dream and goal to help us live this one life we have to the fullest. When I use my gifts, I feel a sense of personal growth and satisfaction. I feel alive.

What road do you need to turn on next? You ready to take responsibility for it? You ready to walk it in grace?

by Ferly Prado