Pay attention...

What's pulling you right now?

What's consuming your mind beyond comfort?

How does it feel?



Is it worth it?

Why or Why Not?


The Holiday Season can be A LOT! Life can be A LOT!

Will you join me on a challenge? No, I'm not gonna make you work, or post yoga poses, or skip a meal... nothing like that.

I want to encourage you to join me on this "4-4-ME CHALLENGE":

4 minutes with you in silence

Just 4 minutes!

  • 1 minute to just breathe
  • 1 minutes of gratefulness (think of all the things you are grateful for)
  • 1 minute for requests and petitioning (think of all your heart's desires)
  • and 1 minute of surrender (yield it all to the Almighty God)


4 minutes. For you.


I am committing to doing this until the New Year (though I'm pretty sure the ritual will carry over).

Give yourself a time period you'd like to commit to this challenge. 1 day? 1 Week? 1 Month? You're the boss.


So get off your computer or mobile device and start now.


Pay attention....



Enjoy your life! Sending you all lots of Love!


-Ferly Prado

founder of Wear Success