How to Best Dress Your Body- Curvy and Short Edition

If you have a curvy figure and you are on the shorter side, we want you to try these tips. Learn how to flatter that beautiful figure of yours! Let us know what you think! Just comment below!


1- Try Tucking in your shirt. When you’re short, shirts tend to be too long on you. Rule of thumb: Don’t hide your zipper!


2- Half and Half. If you’re going for fitted pants, a baggy top is the perfect contrast. Although be careful that the top is not too baggy as it may make you look bigger than you actually are! The opposite is also true: if you're going for a looser fit pants, a fitted* top is in order!

*fitted doesn't mean tight!



3- Cuffed Pants. Keep in mind that cuffing your jeans cuts your legs off, making it look shorter. But if you want to try the cuffed look, consider these tips:

  • Tuck in your shirt as it will section your body beautifully, giving you a nice balance
  • No strappy sandals with this look! The strap cuts off your legs even more and makes them look wider! Starps are only ok with heels since heels elongate you anyway. But a clean pump is, in my opinion, the best line for a cuffed pants look.

NO   vs    YES


4- Asymmetrical Dress. Fantastic for you because they give you length, which gives the illusion of height!  Shoes: a cute pair of heels (since they help lengthen your calves). Embrace those heels! Coco Channel would be proud! ;)


5- Belt it! Buckle Up! Try it over a top and throw a blazer/cardigan on, or try buttoning it and belting it atop! Try it over a dress that has a waist line (seam). It calls attention to the smallest part of your body and makes your legs look uber long! Be careful, though, that the belt doesn't PINCH you. Try different widths and textures of belts.


6- Don’t waste your waist. Say no to "sack of potatoes" dresses. Yeah they are comfortable, but girlfriend, thats all they are. They don’t flatter you! Wear a skirt or a dress that allows us to see your waistline. 


7- Right pant length. No "bunch" at the ankles (you don't want "to look like you have "cankles".)Try pants that cut off at the ankle instead.


8- Tailor it! Contrary to popular (and uninformed) belief, tailoring your clothes will not make you go financially bankrupt. You can find a great tailor in your area that charges reasonably. Unless you are the fit model whose measurements were used to make that specific store’s clothes, you WILL need a good tailor, no matter what your body type is. If you have a tank top that reveals your cleavage and your side bra, get that tailored, honey! You are robbing yourself of pure flattery.



9- Blazers and (Faux) Leather Jackets*. Ah! A girl’s best friend- when it’s the right fit! A (faux) leather jacket will effortlessly make you look cool and trendy, while a blazer will make you look sophisticated. It’s great to wear (either a blazer or jacket, depending on the look) on top of almost anything, especially "boxy" tops that tend to make you look wide at the shoulders.

 *Wear Success does not promote real leather.


10- Cuff Long Sleeves. 

  • Long sleeves: Don't get lost in all the fabric of an innocent long sleeve. Roll it up!  Skin, in this case, is a good thing!
  • Short sleeves: Make sure the sleeve's length hits the middle of your upper arm. Any shorter than and you will look wider than you actually are.

11- Fitted Dresses should hit your knee. Not above the knee. Definitely not mid thigh. KNEE LENGTH! The fitted fabric shows us your curves and knee-length lengthens you (and shows you respect your body, hello!). No need for tight and short. It doesn't send off a positive message.


Interesting Neck Line. Having an interesting neck line takes our eyes where you want them to go: to you!

Remember, how you dress is your very first introduction to anyone you see or meet. Make sure how you dress is representing you the way you deserve to be represented.

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Article inspired by: BuzzFeed Article on how to dress a curvy and short body type, 2014.