Like a Girl- Offensive?

This is my niece, Manuela. A very smart, sweet, and loving little girl.

I would do anything to protect her from any pain the world might try to inflict on her. 

I came across this Commercial and it really impacted me. Watch this...

And now, all of the sudden, I'm so much more aware of how many (passive) insults I hear daily and it's only a matter of time until Manuela starts hearing them. People don't mean harm by it, though. It just became the norm. They are just expressions. They are funny! Right?

When was 'the' line crossed? The line between "cruelly insulting" and "extremely normal". The line between "truth" and "lie".

Like a Girl should never be an insult.

Like a Girl does not equate to inferiority.

Look at these little girls. The passion. The fire. The confidence. The purity.

Like a Girl refers to them! Like a Girl refers to my Manuela!

Girls/Women are giving, intuitive, emotional, warm, caring, comforting, loving, strong, powerful.

Celebrate all the girls in your life.

Celebrate them Like a Girl!


By Ferly Prado