Asthmatics: Show of Hands

"Hi, My name is Ferly Prado and I'm an Asthmatic."

Seriously, when I have one of my asthma attacks, that's how I feel I should introduce myself from that day forward. It consumes you. An asthma attack absolutely consumes you. You think of nothing else but the fact that "YOU . HAVE.  ASTHMA."

Not being able to breathe is one of the worst feelings in the world. It has to be. Your world begins darkening (aka light headed). It begins tilting (aka dizziness). It even feels like Santa Clause is sitting on you (aka chest tightness).

It's absolutely awful.

So, as a hopeful asthmatic I look for things that could assist my lonesome inhaler when I feel an attack coming or when I'm in the middle of my breathing war.

I found this beauty right here through a dear friend of mine: Kelli Calvert- an essential oils expert.

Click on the picture to find out more about this essential oil that has provided me countless nights of restful (and breathing) sleep.



If you want more information on other essential oils or if you want to find healthy alternatives to treat some of your or your loved ones' health issues, contact Kelli at

Written by: Ferly Prado