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As a quick recap you have a pear shaped body when:

  • Your hips are wider than your shoulder/bust
  • Fat tends to accumulate on your thighs and sometimes the buttocks. 
  • You first gain weight in your bottom and legs flowed by your tummy and upper body
  • You have an elegant neck and proportionately slim arms and shoulders
  • You tend to have an elongated waist and the legs tend to be shorter in comparison to the rest of your body
  • You have a defined waist

The aim of dressing for your body type is to achieve a flattering look that accentuates your strengths. In general you will want to achieve a nice hourglass shape. In order to achieve that you will accentuate the shoulders, draw attention to your upper body and waist and elongate the legs. Please note that these are general guidelines as every body is different. Always experiment with your unique shape and see what works for you.

Which garments are good for a pear body shape?


  • Wear a good bra. Your entire upper body can undergo a major transformation when you wear the right undergarments. Consider a padded bra or push-up bra. This will add volume to a small bust, and accentuate an hourglass waist. Look for a natural style that can be worn under both casual and dress clothes.
  • Choose tops in bright colors and prints. The main goal of dressing a pear figure is to draw attention to the torso. Outfit your upper body in bold colors and big prints or some nice detail on your top. Look for embellished tops. Shirts that have adornment near the neck elongate the shoulder and neckline. You can also choose to wear a scarf to the same effect.
  • it’s actually good for pears that shoulder pads are back in fashion!  Puffy shoulders will work too. Always make sure that the shoulders are properly fitted.
  • Look for the right neckline. Wide necklines like boat-necks and scoop-necks visually widen your shoulders. Bust-enhancing necklines like sweetheart necks draw attention to the bust, making it look fuller. Strapless tops and dresses can also make your shoulders and bust look wider, but may not be a comfortable choice for every pear-shaped girl.
  • Choose shirts that are the right length. Look for tops that skim over your hips; tops that extend just below you hipbone extend your torso and mask the widest part of your hips. Avoid hemlines that reach down to your thighs, however, since these will only make the widest part of your legs look wider. On the flip side, crop tops should be widely avoided for drawing attention to your midsection, which is too close to your hips to be flattering. 
  • Pay attention to the fit. Deciding between tight and loose can be difficult, as there are pros and cons to each. Look for tops that are tight around the waist and highlight an hourglass figure. Loose tops should be worn a bit long so as to cover the hips and provide substance for the shoulders. In general, the fit of your shirts should aim to highlight your waist and shoulders, something that can be accomplished with the right combination of tight and loose.
  • Layer your tops. Bulking up with layers adds bulk to your torso, which evens out your body’s proportions. Use layers of tank tops, blouses, and cardigans to create visual interest and give the illusion of added size. If you’re using multiple layers which take away the smallness of your waist, use a thin belt to cinch them in and give yourself that hourglass figure again.
  • Look for tops with wide sleeves. Although it’s not always easy to find wide-sleeved shirts, keep an eye out for styles like bell and kimono sleeves. Wide sleeves add volume to your arms, and as a result, your naturally voluminous hips and rear look more balanced and proportioned. If nothing else, try to wear shirts that have rolled or scrunched sleeves; these also add volume to your arms, but without making such a bold fashion statement.
  • Breast pockets, big collars or a pattern are also good. Horizontal stripes help to widen your upper body to bring it more into balance with your hips as do (subtle) shoulder pads
  • V line tops will draw further attention to your upper half

MESH CROP TOP: Attracts attention to the smallest part of your body: your waist

BELLA BRA TOP: calls attention to your chest area, give the illusion the chest is larger than it actually is.

SHANTI SWEATER: calls attention to your shoulders and collar bone

SHIRRING CROP TOP : Bright color and crossing on chest calls attention to the upper body.

FERNANDA TOP: Calls attention to your shoulders and waist line.


  • It’s best that your jackets end either above or below the widest point of your hips and butt
  • Wear structured A shaped coats of knee length. A great coat for you is the trench. Make sure you get one with lots of details on top (like lapels on shoulders) and plain from the waist down

CHARLOTTE LONG COAT: creates elongated silhouette.

KOKO LONG COAT: creates elongated silhouette.


  • Wear trousers that are not too tight or light. Boot leg trousers are very good for pears. You want to create proportional sizing in your legs and the rest of your body. Choose pants that are straight leg or flared at the bottom to create a bottom half with full volume all the way down. Pants that are very skinny will showcase the size of your hips/rear, while pants and jeans that are equal width or slightly wider in the calf and ankle area will draw attention away from your mid-section. 
  • You will look best if your trousers or skirt are the darkest part of your outfit. Visually, dark colors give a slimming effect and aren’t distracting; the eye tends to skim over dark colors. Denim is appropriate too, but wear dark washes and stay away from medium and light wash jeans. Choose a variety of pants and skirts in shades of black, gray, navy, brown, and olive green. As a bonus to being slimming, these will match nearly any shirt in your closet easily.
  • Choose a few flattering skirts Skirts that hit the knee or ankle are perfect for pear-shaped ladies. These draw the eye to the end point, rather than short skirts which forces the eye to linger on the widest part of your body. Look for skirts that start just above your hips near your waist, and are no shorter than just above the knee. Avoid tight-fitting skirts, and look for those with ruffles or beading along the bottom hem draw attention to your curvy bottom half without adding bulk to your hips. Placing these details at the knee or lower may even help balance out your hips.


  • A-line dresses will always look good on you. Dresses with defined shoulders and a good a line are particularly good.
  • V line tops will draw further attention to your upper half
  • Try a few dresses on for size. Dresses are a great way to accomplish both your tasks at once: draw the eyes upward to your torso, while creating a tight waistline and covering up your midsection. Look for dresses that are A-line or that have a tulip-skirt, and avoid those that are tight and stick to your hips. Dresses get bonus points if they are banded around the waist and cover up your shoulders to give the illusion of bulk.


  • Choose a few statement necklaces. A bold, bright necklace that hangs low draws the eye to your upper half. The extra detail on your bust makes it look fuller, which keeps your entire body looking better proportioned. You can choose to wear chokers which add width to your neck and shoulders as well, a bonus for highlighting your upper body.
  • Throw on a scarf. Scarves add volume and dimension to your upper half, as the extra detail at the neck often prevents onlookers from focusing in on your fuller lower half. Try a variety of scarves tied in different ways to see what looks best for you. Circle scarves are successful when worn for a pear-shape, as their lack of tail ends prevents the eye from travelling downwards as quickly.
  • Try wearing a pair of bold earrings. Keeping in mind that you should wear only one statement piece of jewelry at once, putting on some glitzy earrings is a great way to draw the eye further up the body and away from your hips. Choose chandelier style or dangly earrings for the best effect.
  • Waist belts may look good on you as they emphasize your small waist.
  • High boots are very flattering for your legs
  • Be careful with high any kind of shoes with ankle straps as they will shorten your legs.
  • Wear the right shoes. Believe it or not, your shoes can change the appearance of the rest of your body. Look for shoes that have a pointed toe, as these elongate your legs and make your hips look more proportional. High heels are often a good choice for adding height and sculpting the muscles in your legs, making them look more flattering. If you’re up for the challenge, wearing bold and colorful shoes can do the same thing as a big necklace: adds interest to a smaller area. 




What not to wear?

  • Skinny jeans (can be worn with some tunics or A line long tops)
  • Pencil or straight skirts
  • Very short skirts
  • Tops with narrow shoulder lines
  • Pleats and pants with a lot of detailing
  • Shoes and booties with ankle straps, too delicate footwear and kitten heels

Please note that the guidelines above are for general guidance only. Everyone is different and you certainly don’t have to stick to the above guidelines to dress well. These are simply suggestions for you to try.



Pear shape is one of the most common shapes; the pear shape is small on the top of the body and has a larger hip area. Because of the larger area, it is important to keep colours on the bottom solid and preferably dark colours as they will be more flattering to your figure. Try pants that are flared at the bottom as they will draw the eye away and create a flattering line. When looking for tops go with tops that have detailing on the top, are bright or have a print as this will flatter the smaller area and draw the eye away from the hip area.


We hope this has given you some sort of helpful guidance.

Remember, it's about being HAPPY NOW. We support you on your journey to healthy living and being in the best shape of your life, but we equally support you (and encourage you) in finding happiness and confidence TODAY!

Enjoy the journey! Embrace your Today!

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