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RAD Massage Tools

RAD ROLLERS have really changed my life. Not an exaggeration at all. I've been going thru some intense physical activity with no Days Off for the past three weeks, and I began having major back, hip flexor and even abdomen problems.  For a moment I thought I had pulled my lower ab only to find out the real problem was my hip flexors. The physical therapist on site (who works with NFL players) told me my hip flexors were not only too tight for a woman but too tight for a man. "Your hip flexors are as tight as a NFL Football Player." Awesome! Not. The amazing Carmen Curtis (the creator of AirealYoga) is the person responsible for introducing me...

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How to Best Dress Your Body- Curvy and Short Edition

If you have a curvy figure and you are on the shorter side, we want you to try these tips. Learn how to flatter that beautiful figure of yours! Let us know what you think! Just comment below!xoxoFerly   1- Try Tucking in your shirt. When you’re short, shirts tend to be too long on you. Rule of thumb: Don’t hide your zipper!   2- Half and Half. If you’re going for fitted pants, a baggy top is the perfect contrast. Although be careful that the top is not too baggy as it may make you look bigger than you actually are! The opposite is also true: if you're going for a looser fit pants, a fitted* top is in order! *fitted doesn't...

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