My Miracle Regimen

There are so many supplements out there!

Which vitamins and minerals do I really need?

How many pills do I need to take to function properly? 27?

Doesn't it overwhelm you?

Well, that feeling ended for me last year when I finally discovered My Miracle Regimen!

1. Athletic Greens

Get up to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in just one serving

  • Made from 75 whole food sourced ingredients in their natural form
  • Contains probiotics and enzymes for optimal nutrient absorption and digestion
  • Carefully formulated by doctors and nutritionists to deliver essential nutrients
  • 10+ years of research to develop an easy to mix powder with naturally sweet taste

In a nutshell, this stuff works!

  • I experienced a boost in my mood and energy
  • I stopped getting sick (I would get sick once a month prior to taking it)
  • It became a very healthy breakfast alternative for me

The 'not getting sick' is what really did it for me! I noticed that if I would go on trip and mistakenly not taken my A.G. with me (they recommend it stays refrigerated) I would IMMEDIATELY get sick. That's how much A.G. helps my body- by giving it everything it needs to function properly and effectively. So now I travel with it and refrigerate it as soon as I get to my destination.

Also, they sell it directly to us customers, therefore we get it at true manufacturer's pricing!

2. Plant Fusion

100% Plant-Based Protein Shakes and Meal Shakes. Just raw whole food nutrition to support busy, active lifestyles.

  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Animal Free

I heard all my life how important protein is for a well balanced diet. I also heard how helpful a protein shake can be. But I'm sorry! They are usually nasty! The texture is what used to bother me about protein shakes. Sometimes they were 'chunky'. Sometimes they were 'pasty'. And sometimes they were 'sandy'. You know what I'm talking about. But not Plant Fusion! This protein powder mixes beautifully with water! I just throw it on my shaker with water and the consistency is smooth. I love to pair the vanilla flavored powder with my Athletic Greens. That's what I have every morning and it gets me ready for my day!

Angelina Mullins, a dear friend of mine and former fitness model, wrote an amazing blog for us here at Wear Success and she is responsible for simplifying diet and fitness for me. She taught me that as long as I get 80g of protein a day I'm all set! I began following that rule. I found that protein shakes help achieve that '80g a day' goal much easier and I found that by focusing on protein I steered by appetite in the right direction. Jenny Jaucian, another friend of mine, wrote the 'Paleo Lifestyle' blog for Wear Success and there she offers her e-book to a Paleo Lifetysle. Download it to your phone and gain access to some yummy healthy recipes, like 'Simple Protein Pancakes'. I used Plant Fusion for that recipe and it turned out awesome!

I get mine at Sprouts Farmers Market, but you can also get it on Amazon!

3. Floradix

Every woman should take this every morning! I've been anemic and tired for as long as I can remember. A nutritionist in Los Angeles recommended this to me and I'm so grateful he did. When I take it, I'm golden! When I don't, simple tasks like getting up from a chair make me extremely dizzy!

 4. Vitamin Code

It all starts with the raw materials and ingredients used to grow the vitamins and minerals. I feel my body welcomes these vitamins! I take Vitamin BVitamin CVitamin D and Omega 3 from this amazing company.


And finally, this is a bonus one...

5. Hair Vitamins

Struggling with finding a healthy diet all my life plus bleaching my hair blonde have been the cause for broken, lifeless and dull hair. I then made a good decision: hair vitamins! I tried it for a year. It worked the first 3 months then it stopped working. What I found out? I found that what works best for me is to change my hair vitamins every time I run out of my current one. In other words, I switch hair vitamins monthly! I found this keeps my hair growing longer and stronger.

Here are my top choices:


Like anything else in your healthy living journey, this, too, is very personal. This is simply what works for me! However, I strongly encourage you to give it a try. Remember to give your body 3 months to tell you whether it likes what you're doing or not. Patience is key! Be patient and find what works for you.

You are worth it! 


Blog post by: Ferly Prado