ASANA FOODS: Almond Cinnabuddah

If Heaven was a food, this would be it!

The amazing Jenny Jaucian wrote a blog for us a couple of weeks ago called 'Paleo Lifestyle'. Since we shared the blog, we, here at Wear Success, emerged on this Paleo Lifestyle ourselves to see what it's all about. 

This past weekend my fiancé and I were walking the streets of Old Poway (CA) and found a Farmer's Market. We love a good Farmer's Market so we began navigating. I see this booth named "ASANA FOODS", and 'almond butter' is what grabbed my attention. I walked over and was greeted by a very nice gentleman (after a little research, I now know he's the creator and founder of ASANA FOODS) and he offered me a sample of this little beauty called "ALMOND CINNABUDDAH". I told him I was on the Paleo diet so maybe I shouldn't, and that's when he told me "It's Paleo approved". WHAT!!!! Give me the whole container to try! 

I tried it.

I paused.

I looked at my fiancé and said "You have to try this!", and then I might have added "This is gonna save my life with this Paleo Lifestyle!" 

Look, I love sweets! And you can't have any when you're on the Paleo diet! It's definitely an adjustment, and if you're a hard core sweets lover like I am, it's a HUGE adjustment. But I'll tell you what: what this taught me is that there's a yummy (and healthy) alternative to every junk we eat.

Here's a little bit about ALMOND CINNABUDDAH:


Ingredients: *almonds, *coconut flakes, *coconut palm sugar, *cassia cinnamon, *ginger root, and *nutmeg. 


I spread the Amond Cinnabuddah on a banana, on apples, even on my grapefruit! I can honestly say that now I'm not "suffering" anymore when I think of sweets. Truth is, I don't even want it anymore (I'm shocked I'm even saying this). With sweets substitutes like Almond Cinnabuddah I really don't feel a craving for desserts that are bad for me. Going on this Paleo adventure really opened my eyes.

Here's ASANA FOODS website:

Read their "About us" if you're interested, or just hop right into shopping. They have so many other great products like Almond Buddha, Goji Cardamom Almond Buddah, Glutten-Free Granola, different types of Organic Raw Honey, Organic Maca Tea, Deep Sleep Tea, Raw Vegan Chocolate Spread, Cacao, and Superfoods.  I just got my two large sizes ALMOND CINNABUDDAH, and they are on SALE! I also found this on their instagram so enjoy the discount!


Remember to support your local farmers and share the knowledge with your loved ones.

Poway should be proud!


Blog post by: Ferly Prado