I met Angelina Mullins while working at Showstoppers at Wynn Las Vegas this past year. Angelina quickly became one of the most influential women in my life. She simplified what always haunted, confused and frustrated me: health and fitness. I am one of those who will try anything and everything, only to end up tired, disappointed and broke. 

I asked Angelina Mullins to write a little bit about herself, how she became interested in health/fitness, and a few easy tips/exercises that you can add to your program today! With consistency you will quickly see changes in your body. Enjoy! -Ferly


A strong body is a happy heart.

My name is Angelina Mullins.  I am a broadway performer, personal trainer, proud wife and doggie mommy.

I was 25 years old when I found my fitness calling.  I was in the height of my career, dancing on Broadway in the 2009 revival of West Side Story and I had just fallen in love with my now husband.  Everything seemed to be roses for me...but something was off.  As a dancer I had always been very connected to my body, very proud of what it could do and what it looked like.  But at that time I found myself resenting the way I looked.  I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. We become so numb to the voices in our head that say "I'm so fat" all day, every day.  We joke about it, or not, but what we don't realize is that we are damaging our spirit and criticizing the one temple we were given to carry our souls around this earth.  Those voices became too loud for me to deal with any longer.  I needed to make a change. I needed to try something new.  But what? My cabinets were loaded with supplements and trendy new miracle pills that claimed to help you "lose 10lbs
 in 10 days".  I looked around my living room at the ab rollers and 20 minute Brazilian Booty dvds...Something BIG had to change.

I gave in to the one thing I was terrified of.  I accepted his help and let my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) train me.  At the time he was into natural bodybuilding and was very kind and patient with me.  The first few gym sessions were humbling and almost humiliating.  I was a professional dancer my whole life, yet I couldn't do 5 push ups. And on top of that, all I could think about was my muffin top spilling over my workout pants.  The voices in my head were louder than ever.  "Go home chubby.  This is too hard for you".  Why are we so mean to ourselves?!

I realized I had to dig deep and change the channel in my head.  I made a decision to turn that fear and frustration into a challenge that I was 100% GOING TO CONQUER.  Before I knew it, I was stronger and leaner.  The key word here is STRONGER.  My sessions didn't include so much as one minute of a treadmill, but rather heavy lifting, moving my own body weight, and healing myself from inside out.  On the outside I looked leaner and more muscular than ever, but on the inside (this is BIG) ... On the inside I was stronger than ever.  From there on, my life was forever changed with this discovery.  When I was strong on the outside, I knew I could take care of myself, I could walk around this world heavy in my shoes with strength, power, and confidence and my heart was for the first time in a very long time, HAPPY.

What we as women often lose sight of is our truth.  It turns out that this truth is not so much in the "skinny" as it is in the "happy".

Over the years I have continued to share my passion for fitness and health with women across the globe and I am so honored to have been a part of many journeys, strong bodies, and happy hearts.

With Love,


1-) 10 minute booty- by Angelina Mullins



2-) Bent over dumbbell row

Great for firming and banishing "Bra Bulge". Start with 5 to 10lbs at first.  Bend over, spread feet as seen in the photo.  Brace yourself on a bench with one hand and hold the weight in the other hand. shoot the elbow straight up the side of your body without raising your shoulders.   Feel your back and rear delts burn!  4 sets of 12 reps on alternating sides :)