Yoga Booty Sculpt- workout of the day

Have you heard of Team 3XT?

3XT is a dance inspired fitness program that caters to all age groups and fitness levels. There's something for everyone! It was created by 2 of the Dance Industry's top dance professionals, Alexandria Kaye and Ferly Prado. The goal: to help women experience fitness through dance and all its benefits.

In this fast paced, busy world, women are especially guilty of giving everyone and everything else their time... expect to themselves.

Team 3XT plans out your week for you. They provide FREE daily workouts for you to feel good, energized and stronger.

all that is asked of you is for you to reserve 30 minutes of your day for YOU. We know some of you are cringing at the thought of dedicating 30 minutes for yourself. But even if all you can dedicate is 10 minutes, hey... that's a start!


Here's the workout of the day. It's a low impact Yoga Booty Sculpt that will help you break a sweat while helping you feel longer, leaner and tighter in all the right places.



Visit to see the rest of the week planned out for YOU. simply scroll down to the desired day of the week and get your sweat on, girlfriend!


XOXO, Ferly