The Inspiration behind RE3 

 I remember the moment of inspiration at 8 years old, asking my mom why are you recycling this tiny, tiny plastic label. She explained to me that recycling is for you and me, as well as for the well being of future generations. Furthermore, we are all connected and all are affected by our actions.  At that moment, I understood how a small action could change a whole world, and my 8 year old consciousness shifted.

The mission of RE3 is the manifestation of that moment. 

We are a community of dreamers, believers and freedom seekers.
Our mission at RE3 is to RECYCLE, REFORM and REVIVE by creating fashion from recycled plastic bottles. Our original, magical and inspirational art is created by local artists. Our artists are inspired by yogis and surfers, sacred geometry and nature, love and peace. Each design is created by hand, heart and soul.

In honor of our Earth,

The RE3 community