About Us

FERLY PRADO (founder of Wear Success) is a professional dancer/model/actress who is originally from São Paulo, Brazil. Ferly moved to the United States when she was only 12 years old with her sister, while her parents stayed behind in Brazil to assure their daughters' education in America was paid for. As a professional dancer she worked for artists such as Beyoncé, Tina Turner, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey and Chayanne. Ferly has worked extensively on television on shows like GLEE, Two and a Half Men, Vegas, Bunheads, Singing Bee; and on award shows like American Music Awards (AMA's), Billboard Awards, Latin Billboard Awards, and Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMA's).
A word from Ferly:
"As a dancer and model I always felt very pressured to be the absolute best, to be perfect. That was a goal that seemed to always be in the future, so unabtainable. The word 'THEN' ruled my life for a very long time.
'I'm not perfect now, but if I do this THEN I'll look better.'  
'I'm not the best now, but if I train x amount of days and y amount of hours a day, THEN I'll be the best.'
Compliments never seemed genuine or true to me. I was ruled by the future and who I could become, which meant that I was never 'enough' just as I was. A very deflating way to live, especially as a teenager.
And then I 'woke up'!
My desire is that every woman wakes up! My desire is that every woman gets enough guidance and support to feel what we all deserve to feel, and that's to feel 'GOOD'. Every woman absolutely deserves to feel GOOD and to FEEL GOOD NOW. I am still very goal oriented, very future focused (I highly encourage ambition, goal setting). But I'm learning to appreciate and respect the present just as much as the future, and to honor the past by learning from it. 
I believe success is partially a state of mind, and it has to begin with how you feel and what you think about yourself. If you are not willing to see and accept your worth and purpose, not much in your life will change. Even if a thousand people believe in you and encourage you, it won't matter, unless you are in agreement with them."
Wear Success is more than an online store. It's a lifestyle, a mindset. We want our products to positively influence your body image, and therefore increasing self-esteem and confidence.
We want you to Wear Success. Wear Self-love. Wear Confidence. Wear Grace. Wear You!
-We sell different brands, all owned and managed by women. We support their products by bringing them to you.
-Wear Success line starting April 2016 with "Fearless Tank" and "Talk Love Tank". Inspiring and motivating wear.
-We support in-house manufacturing (made in USA).
-We support products that are manufactured in facilities that are Earth friendly (Solar Powered, Waste Conscious) and products that are made with recycled material.
-We promote the personal use of pure essential oils, which help improve health, assist mood management, and maximize focus & rest.
-We carry statement pieces that are different and unique, encouraging our costumers to step out of their box.
-We support products that reminds us of our spirituality, which works hand in hand with our well-being and sense of purpose. 
-We dedicated two collections to mommies. We love to bring the awareness to mommies that they are still very important. Mommies end up neglecting themselves after birth. Not that it's wrong to turn our attention to a defenseless child, but to turn our full attention to them and neglecting the source of life of that child is foolish. These collections consist of convenient, comfortable and flattering clothes.
This month we have begun a partnership with WAFA- We Are for Animals (WeAreForAnimals.org).
WAFA helps fight against animal abuse, they help stray domestic animals find a new home, and they provide financial assistance to pet owners stuck with expensive medical bills. For more information visit their website. Proceeds of your purchase will to their cause. Thank you in advance for your support! And Thank you for visiting Wear Success.
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